When you think of a food truck, you probably imagine two hipsters grilling burgers in the back of a decorated van. Well think again! The Giving Food Truck is one of the first initiatives developed by Movement On The Ground and is still one of the most important projects to date.

The Giving Food Truck was purchased by the Movement On The Ground team in the Netherlands back in 2015. The truck was then driven to Greece and used as a food distribution truck for refugees on the islands of Levsos. The truck has provided over 400,000 meals since it arrived on the island.

Fast forward to 2021, and the truck is no longer in use on the island, but the legacy lives on in the form of an online donation platform. The Giving Food Truck is an easy and transparent platform in which you can purchase a meal or food items for a refugee in Greece. All food items available on The Giving Food Truck platform are sourced locally. 

We are incredibly proud of The Giving Food Truck project and we hope it will continue to help improve food accessibility for refugees in Greece.