Food is a right yet still a privilege. Over the past five years, Movement On The Ground has maintained a fixes presence in Greece, providing sustainable solutions with and for those impacted by the refugee crisis. One of the most striking parts of our working is the ongoing challenges refugees living in camps face in accessing nutritious meals in a safe and dignified way. That’s why we decided to create The Giving Food Truck platform, where you can directly donate a meal or food items for a person on the move. The Giving Food Truck survives purely based on donations. Your purchase has the power to make a real impact!

Join our Hummus Masterclass with chef Zina Abboud

We believe so much can be learned from one another by simply sharing a meal together. That's why we have teamed up with Amsterdam-based Syrian celebrity chef Zina Abboud to host 'Yalla, Let's Eat', the first ever Movement On The Ground online cooking event. Join this virtual masterclass on Friday 21st May at 6:00pm Dutch time and discover the secrets behind Zina's signature hummus. Secure your spot by purchasing a ticket! The total cost of your ticket will be donated towards dignifying the food distribution process in RIC Lesvos. 

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One meal makes a big difference

With over 50,000 refugees living in Greece, with close to 10,000 living on Lesvos alone, an extra meal or food item can make a big difference. It is important for us to let you know that your donation goes 100% towards improving food accessibility for refugees in Greece. All food items available on The Giving Food Truck platform are sourced locally.

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Movement On The Ground is a Dutch organisation founded in 2015 in response to the onset of the European migration crisis. Motivated to bring actionable change to the humanitarian field, Movement On The Ground's mission is to provide human relief, cultivate solutions and drive sustainable change with and for refugees and their host communities.

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